Business Venture

Vanille group is a Saudi Arabian company established in 2010 with the aim of creating the finest pastries and cakes. Vanille group was founded by Dr. Samir Al Sughaiyer and his wife, Madam Safa. Dr. Samir is a U.S.-trained consultant with Advanced General Dentistry and a well-respected community member in Al Khobar. His wife, Madam Safa, has been a banker with Saudi British Bank since 1995.

In addition to their success in their respective fields, Dr. Samir and Madam Safa have been long-time connoisseurs of pastries and fine cuisine. They had always dreamed of opening a patisserie together, and Vanille group was the product of this fantasy. To complete their vision, they found Chef Adam Schihab’s delicious culinary work through Instagram and hired him as executive chef.