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Easy and Simple Desserts for Kids

ByAdam Schihab

Mar 23, 2021
Easy and Simple Desserts for Kids by chef Adam Schihab

Kids make our life meaningful. They are the most valuable resource in our life. 

We love our kids and concern about their nutrition and health. After all, they are our future. They deserve nutritious foods which will help them to grow both their physical and mental health. I am chef Adam Schihab, and today, I have shared a few gluten-free quick, simple desserts which most of the kids definitely will love to consume. These are easy to cook and will not take much of your time.

Kids, in particular, love sweets. You don’t want to rob your little ones of dessert so try some healthy options!

Chef Adam Schihab

People of all ages, not just children, love their sweet treat. Whether it’s cake, ice cream, donuts, sweets, or pies, we all have that craving for sugar from time to time. Kids, in particular, love sweets. You don’t want to rob your little ones of dessert so try some healthy options!

Three gluten-free quick, and simple desserts fit for kids are listed below:

1. Choco-Almond Crunchy Bites


  • Four PCs. The regular SunRice Thick rice cakes and crack them
  • One-fourth kg (or slightly more) milk chocolate
  • Half cup chopped almonds fried
  • Half cup chopped dried apricots

In a pan, sprinkle milk chocolate with a bit of water on low heat. Once melted, add the grated rice cakes, almonds, and apricots. Mix to combine ingredients well. 

Remove from heat and pour one tablespoon of the mixture at a time on a greased baking sheet. Allow a few minutes to cool and firm before serving.

2. Fudgy Chocolate Cup Cake


  • Three tablespoons empty flour (filtered)
  • Three tablespoons milk
  • Three tablespoons sugar caster
  • One + one teaspoon cork
  • One teaspoon butter (soft)
  • Half teaspoon extracted vanilla
  • One doll cream
  • One press salt

In a large saucepan, combine flour, caster sugar, one teaspoon cork, and salt. Carefully mix the milk, butter, and vanilla. Mix until the ingredients are well combined. Pour the mixture into a safe microwave oven and heat it in the microwave for 1 minute. Then Cool for a few mins before soaking the remaining cork. Serve ice cream on top.

3. Apple Crumble


  • Six red apples, sliced, peeled, and each cut into eight mushrooms
  • Three-fourth + two cups of uncooked sugar
  • Four tablespoons rice flour
  • Three tablespoons almond meal
  • Two tablespoons chopped coconut
  • One and a half teaspoon margarine, soft

With a bit of water, heat the pan over medium heat, then add the apple wedges to cook until tender. Remove from heat and set aside. To make an explosion, combine 3/4 cup sugar, rice flour, almond meal, sliced ​​coconut, and margarine in a bowl. Mix with washed hands till the components are well combined. Place the cooked apples (and juices) in a preheated oven. Place the resulting mixture on the apples and bake in a preheated oven (180C) for half an hour or till it turns to a golden brown. Serve hot or cold with cream or yogurt.

These quick and easy wireless desserts for kids are real winners, even for adults!

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