• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

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Healthy Sunday Brunch - Tips
Healthy Sunday Brunch – Tips by chef Adam Schihab

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; yes, it is correct, given if you eat those healthy picks. As your very own chef Adam Schihab ( @adamschihab ), I would be glad to share with you some of the tips for a healthy, fun Sunday brunch with the family without jeopardizing your diet.


This means that you have to check carefully all the ingredients or menu that you have. Consider all your diet options and your kid’s preferences. Diet should be boring. It should be healthy by eating the right food and the correct quantity. 

Little by little:

We tend to enjoy eating any foods without considering each item’s fat, calorie, and sod content. I know it’s hard to skip these items but make sure to eat just the right amount or little by little like ham, bacon, sausages. Other high-calorie and fast food are consumed moderately, like hash brown and other fried foods. Well aside from high fat and high-calorie foods we have to consider the sugar content also, with this like cake, danish, muffins, sweet rolls, and chocolates are high in sugar but low in its nutritional value. If you want to eat bread but healthier way still, chooses whole wheat toast. 

Items to Eat with Caution:

French toasts and pancakes are already staples during Sunday brunch. These items are loaded with fats and carbs. Scrambled eggs are also high in fat due to oil, but if you opt to eat boiled eggs is healthy, and the omelet adds lots of spices and vegetables. If you have salmon, then just eat enough to avoid excessive sodium. I know you will also prepare some variety for kids like gummies, make sure to watch them because of too much sugar available on them.

Nevertheless, there are also foods that you could eat freely but still make sure to watch your diet also. 

All fresh fruits and vegetables that are served in the buffet stations are winning choices. 

Oatmeal with a variety of toppings can be very enticing. Those pastries that are made from 100 percent whole grains are healthy portions too for you. If you are a fan of cereals, choose the high fiber and low in sugar. In eating yogurt make sure to choose the Greek one without any flavor. 

Talking about breakfast related beverages – it’s better to go on with 100 percent fresh juices like pineapple, orange, and mango, but it would be better to put a twist on it like putting a small number of carrots, cucumber, etc. For coffee, black brewed coffee is good. 

Sunday brunch with the family could be fun and nutritional as long as you watch your diet. Do not deprive yourself just eat the right amount for yourself. Also, it would be very best if you will add some decorations to your table.

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