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20 Unique and Amazing Ideas To Use Mayonnaise

ByAdam Schihab

Mar 13, 2021
20 Unique and Amazing Ideas To Use Mayonnaise – Chef Adam Schihab

We all aware of the primary purposes of mayonnaise (Mayo) in our day-to-day life in cooking and its preparations. This thick white sauce enhances the taste in sandwiches, burgers, salads, french fries, and many more.

But there is plenty of other usages where this can be very useful too. In this article, I have shared the top 20 unique merits of mayonnaise.

Chef Adam Schihab
  1. Hair Treatment: It can be used as a conditioner and remove lice from your hair. You need to gently rub a cup of mayonnaise into dry hair, wrap it with a shower cap, and wait for 20 mins. Then use any shampoo and rinse properly. 
  2. Remove Sticky Gum From Hair: Chewing gum is a super sticky component, and if it comes in contact with hair, it is a nightmare to remove. The mayonnaise is very helpful in these circumstances. You need to rub mayonnaise near the sticky area and gently remove the gum.
  3. Relieve Sunburns: It may not mitigate your sunburn, but after rubbing the affected skin surface, it gives a soothing feeling.
  4. Shining Plants: Due to its white oily nature, if you rub mayonnaise with a soft, dry cloth, the leaves will start looking shiny.
  5. Colorful Crayon Marks Removal: Kids sometimes draw using crayon colors on some unwanted surfaces. Mayonnaise can help you to remove those. Rub it onto those areas and wipe it neatly.
  6. Lift Price and other sticky Labels: The mayonnaise helps in removing the labels and their sticky residue.
  7. A Good Cuticle Lotion: Its moisturizing property helps in skin cuticle treatment. You need to rub and leave it.
  8. Free Super Tight Rings: Taking out tight rings is sometimes getting very hectic. Its oily substance helps to slide the ring out off your finger.
  9. Water Rings on the wooden surface: Mayonnaise can be super effective on the spot occurred due to a drink on a wooden surface. It would be best if you left it on for a few hours. Then wipe with a clean tissue.
  10. Fluffy Pancakes: Extra two tablespoons of mayonnaise in the pancake batter can give the extra fluffy feeling.
  11. Blended Eggs: Mix one teaspoon of mayonnaise into two medium eggs and get a silky scramble.
  12. Use in smashed Potatoes: Add this during the mashers making with sour cream.
  13. Mayonnaise Wafers: Make tasty wafers using mayonnaise.
  14. Burgers Preparation: it is helpful to maintain the juiciness of your burgers using ground beef. During cooking, mix this.
  15. Tasty Chicken Roast: Add this with the mixture of honey, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper, and lemon. Put this batter over the whole chicken. Leave it for roasting until it gets to be golden.
  16. Creamy Frosting: It can turn your frosting more creamy by using mayonnaise.
  17. Fancy Pie Crust: Whisk mayonnaise outside your pie crust before baking to get a lucrative finish.
  18. Grilling: Brushing mayo onto lean proteins like fish and chicken helps keep them from sticking on the grill.
  19. Crispy Grilled Cheese: Add mayonnaise to the outer parts of your cheese sandwich before frying. It will make it more crusty and crispy.
  20. Tricks for Breading: Mayonnaise can be used as a replacement for egg wash when you’re breading meats, chicken, or fish. It will reduce the steps three to two.