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Top Ten Good Baker Characteristics

ByAdam Schihab

Apr 1, 2021
Top Ten Good Baker Characteristics
Top Ten Good Baker Characteristics by chef Adam Schihab

In my whole career, I have come across plenty of the world’s best bakers. There are thousands of world-class bakers connected in my professional chef network—all of them having their own style and perfections. I am professional pastry chef Adam Schihab and my today’s topic is mainly on those qualities.

If you desire to be a skilled baker, then you should have some essential qualities. Here I have listed the top ten qualifications which good bakers positively possess.

  1. Positive Desire and Great Management:  Both of the points are important for any good baker. Without passion and exemplary leadership, it is impossible to be a good baker.
  2. Good Calculation abilities: You will need to weigh the ingredients, order the necessary components, and plan the most cooking times; therefore, being good with numbers is a bonus.
  3. Intelligence: Anyone can bake, but, to be a perfect baker, an artistic factor is needed as you can contribute differently to the crowd.
  4. Ability to handle job stress: Baking is more about perfect time management. It is essential to understand the right timing that can cause needless anxiety – the ability to deal with a lot of pressure when the final product is not available as expected.
  5. Good organizational skills: This is important to keep your ingredients tested and to protect the kitchen from becoming a battlefield every time you bake. Baking can be tricky with many toxic substances that ignorable, but with excellent organizational skills, baking will be a breeze.
  6. Perception of safety and sanitation rules: Not only should your baking environment taste good, but it should also achieve strict hygiene standards. You want the people who eat your food to stay safe too. Some countries (especially Singapore) have stringent food safety and hygiene laws to be aware of.
  7. Physical Fitness: Like all work, you need to have a healthy body to perform tasks. Baking also consists of carrying heavy trays carrying baking supplies and bags of flour and sugar etc. All of this load requires the right body to perform it.
  8. Team Member: Cooperation is essential in the kitchen, especially in the bakery. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Communicating with your team members ensures that things are doing well and quickly as well.
  9. Understanding: This will allow the baker to be sure of the exact quantity he wants to produce the desired baked goods.
  10. Time Awareness: This is defined by the ability to process and meet orders within a set time frame.

You need to be able to reveal your intentions to the people you work with. Clarity is vital as a tiny error will contribute to the imperfection of the final product.

The baker not only bakes goods but has to perform many different tasks. Just as a teacher must not only teach but must perform administrative duties, a baker must learn to interact with other people without baking.

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