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Significance of Proper Food-Storage
Significance of Proper Food-Storage – chef Adam Schihab

I have received so many questions about proper food handling and food storage. I am chef Adam Schihab ( @adamschihab ), and I will share with you my knowledge based on the topic mentioned above. 

Most of us think of a better way to save time and money on our groceries. We tend to buy a lot of food and just store it. But the question is, does it work? 

Food storage is a significant factor in extending the shelf life of certain foods. In fact, with the rising cost of food, storage is a wise and witty investment. Food storage must be done correctly to avoid food contamination. 

You must identify which food can be stored at room temperature or which food to be refrigerated. 

Freezing extends the life of many products, but food storage conditions must be maintained. Here are some of the different storage I am using and which items to be stored. 

Shelf Storage:
This should be in a cool, dry place area since there are so many food items to be kept out from direct light. The temperature must be kept 70 F or below. Its items must be in an airtight container if you already opened them, but if not, you can just store them directly. This is only applicable for canned goods, sugar, cereals, rice, dried pasta, and other dry items. Also, you must check each item and. their proper storage instruction to avoid miss handling. 

Refrigerator Storage:
This storage must have a specific temperature, and it should be kept from 33F to 40F. Make sure to check the temperature frequently, as it may affect the shelf life of your item. It is vital to wrap it properly with foil, plastic wrap, or an airtight container in storing food in the refrigerator. Some items that can be stored here are vegetables, fruits, juices, chocolates, etc.

Freezer Storage:
In this storage, the temperature should be 0F or below. You must use freeze food containers or materials that are designed for storage only. Proper wrapping is essential in conservation for the storage in the freezer. Putting date if the packed items must be observed. 

– Freezing of raw meat will keep it for at least six months and above. 

– Fish and shellfish, and if it is purchased commercially frozen, they will have 6 to 12 months of life.

-Cooked meat and leftovers, when appropriately packed, will last up to 3 months

– Smoked meat will last up to 2 months 

As I have mentioned above, proper handling or packaging is essential. Like vacuum packaging systems have been helping thousands and millions of households in keeping food longer in their refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. This is designed to remove air and extend the freshness of food items up to five times longer than the traditional conventional method of storage. 

Here are some tips on how you will consider buying items that you want to be stored by looking at each packaging.

Best if used by – means we should use it on or before the date stipulated in the label for best quality and flavor of each item, not for its safety reason.  

Used by or expires – this means that this product should be consumed before the dated listed to avoid seeing marks or deterioration in each product and quality. This is just for our safety to avoid contamination and poisoning. 

One thing to consider after long months of storing it, and if you are in doubt if it’s still okay or not, just throw it immediately.