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Bake Like a Professional Pastry Chef

ByAdam Schihab

Mar 22, 2021
Bake Like a Professional Pastry Chef
Bake Like a Professional Pastry Chef by Adam Schihab

I am a professional chef, and today, I will share today some secret tips related to how professional pastry chefs are baking.

Buying ready-made food is costly, and the cost continues to rise over the years. When you connect that with the simple fact that the quality of ingredients in pre-cooked foods is usually low, home cooking begins to emerge as an attractive option. However, like any skill that requires a little knowledge to get started, people may be reluctant to cook at home because it can be seen as a big challenge. But, like most activities in life, a little knowledge can enable you to overcome obstacles and bake quickly.

Like most people, I hesitated just before I started baking 23 years back. But within a few months, my confidence and skill had grown, and I enjoyed the whole process. I get many compliments from my close friends who appreciated what I baked, and it was always nice to bring something homemade when we had parties.

Now, what about these few basic suggestions? If you listen to the list below, you will find that these few simple recipes can make what you do (!) It tastes like something good baked! Sometimes you will produce an unusual error. However, keep going, learn from it and get better – it is so easy!

The instructions and quantity of the ingredients in this recipe need to follow accurately.

Chef Adam Schihab
  1. The outcome belongs to the quality of the ingredients you use. Working with the dirtiest ingredients means a better product. Never go for a banana! For some intermediate categories, high-quality ingredients should work well.
  2. Try to sieve your flour only before you use it. Clumps are hard to beat without mixing, and this should save time and irritation.
  3. The instructions and quantity of the ingredients in this recipe need to follow accurately. However, do not worry if you are out for a while. A few grams more or less will usually not affect the recipe.
  4. Don’t worry if a sweet baking recipe requires unsalted butter, and you have only salty butter available. The recipe’s delicious taste is always good enough to surpass any flavor with a mild saltiness, and nobody will ever be able to distinguish it. You can also do the opposite when the recipe requires unsalted salt and simply has salty butter. Just add the salted butter and leave a pinch of salt.
  5. Many people say that frozen pastry produces outstanding results, and I agree. It is said to be related to butter in a cake and preferred if not melted before cooking. So place your cake inside the fridge a little before using it, and try not to overuse your cake when preparing it.
  6. You can take shortcuts! No worries, it will not make you a bad cook! When making a cake mix, I will use an electric blender because it saves a lot of time, and if you blow for a few minutes, you get too much air in the cake, which would take a long time to make by hand.
  7. If the recipe requires a hot oven, then make sure you heat it up ahead of time! Sometimes you can ruin what could be terrible baking by putting the mixture inside the hot oven right now.
  8. Attach a slight flavor and coloring to the recipe. You can always add more, but you can’t remove some from the mix.

Try to stick to the points I have mentioned above. By this post’s ins and outs and learning from any mistakes you make, you will soon be on your way to converting a professional chef!

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