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Surprise Use of Cornstarch

There are different tips and tricks where cornstarch could be a proven solution in cooking. It is usually used as a thickening agent, such as stir-fries, soups, sauces, etc. But…

Perfect Eclair

Perfect Éclair by Chef Adam Schihabhttps://www.instagram.com/adamschihab/ Ingredients for perfect Eclairs 1 pc vanilla Pod (crapped the bean)150 g of milk150 g of water3 g of fleur de sel5 g of…

15 Essential Baking Tips

Prepare the pan – baking with precisionBefore any baking, prep that pan first to make sure it’s ready to use when you need it. Extra fluffy whipped cream – your…

The Process to Store Vegetables and Fruits

Due to pandemics, people would like to avoid going to vegetable shops regular basis and always trying to store them as long as possible. Retaining all vegetables and fruits fresh…